soggiorni estivi a cavallo 2011

For some of us, perhaps our DNA is encoded in such a way that sooner or later our love for horses will become so incredibly intense as to transform itself into a true obsession, unleashing an irresistible urge to be in the midst of these magnificent creatures, to caress them and to fully understand them. These same instincts will eventually arouse an intense desire to experience an infinity of unique sensations and a very special relationship with one of these animals.

If all that we feel in these particular moments becomes the focal point of our very existence, then it is no longer a simple interest or curiosity. It is a passion!

We find ourselves suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to have a horse of our own. Even if we are not yet certain which specific direction this passion should take, we can only think of mounting up.

At this point, we must stop for a moment and reflect. And during this moment of rationalization we come to realize that we are probably not capable of making our dreams come true alone. We will need the advice of someone who is willing to listen to us and capable of guiding us through the various stages of this new venture.

Not just anyone who works with horses is necessarily willing to listen or capable of advising us during this moment of euphoria and eagerness. Many may even attempt to take advantage of our ingenuity, eventually resulting in the shattering of our dreams and leaving us with nothing but bitter disappointment.

This is why Equine Consulting & Services is here to welcome you to the world of horses. We are eager to assist you through all the steps necessary to making your dream come true...

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